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Mobile, semi-mobile and stationary scrap shears

Mobile shears the cheaper solution for the recycling industry

The CNS scrap shears are a new type of mobile or semi-mobile scrap shears with a horizontal blade carriage and horizontal cut. Housed in a robust construction that is welded and screwed together, with the outer shape of a transport container, high quality hydraulics and a diesel engine, these scrap shears are mobile and independent of the power grid.


Our mobile or semi-mobile scrap shears are available in two models:

The power marvel - the top class semi-mobile scrap shear.

CNS 700 SM

Semi-mobile Scrap Shear CNS 700 SM

The CNS 700 SM is for the extension of the successfull container shear series. The cutting principle with horizontal blade carriages has been kept and the whole structure has been fortified accordingly. In order to maintain high cutting power and performance, analogue control hydraulics with greater performance have been installed.

The classic – proved quality in mobile cutting.

Containershear (CNS 400 K)

Container shear (CNS 400K)

The company ZDAS put over 50 years of experience with heavy machinery for scrap processing into designing the container shear. The machine is designed for heavy duty, high availability and easy maintenance in mind. Over 130 sold “container shears” speak for themselves as being a reliable solution.

Areas of application

Our CNS scrap shears are particularly suited:

  • for operation at scrap yards without a power supply
  • as an additional unit when capacity is reached on other scrap shears
  • to prepare scrap for shredding
  • for processing scrap at sources of waste generation
  • as a low cost alternative to guillotine shears when using several container shears beside one another with a scrap handling machine
  • as a processing unit for impurities in commercial waste that cannot be processed further by a shredder.