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CNS 700 SM

The power marvel - the top class semi-mobile scrap shear.

Scrap shear CNS 700 SM

Advantages of the CNS 700 SM

  • Continual loading of the shear in the feed hopper with simultaneous ejection of the cut scrap - no pre-compaction by lids
  • Shear control carried out by grabber crane operator – no additional operator needed
  • Complete shear mobility within minutes thanks to extendable hydraulic stands for loading onto a flatbed truck
  • Variable cut lengths possible through the use of extensions in the cutting apparatus
  • High cutting performance of the shear per shift at low energy usage
  • Low maintenance resulting from a maximum hydraulic pressure of 315 bar and use of high quality building materials
  • Mechanically finished, replaceable guiding surfaces allow for optimal blade adjustment, minimal wear and high cutting effect
  • Self-sufficient functioning of the shear – up to 16 hours without refilling the diesel tank
  • Central lubrication ensures minimal wear of the tracks
  • No foundation required – all you need is a flat surface
  • Airtight enclosed hydraulic system increases the service life (durability) of the hydraulic oil
  • Centrally directed force resulting from sharply angled blade
  • By using a special funnel scrap bars can attain the quality of cupola scrap

Areas of application

The CNS scrap shears are particularly suited:

  • Operation at scrap yards without a power supply
  • as an additional unit when capacity is reached on other scrap shears
  • to prepare scrap for shredding
  • processing scrap at sources of waste generation
  • as a low cost alternative to guillotine shears when using several container shears beside one another with a scrap handling machine
  • as a processing unit for impurities in commercial waste that cannot be processed further by a shredder.

Technical information

The technical information for our CNS 700 SM scrap shear as compared to the container shear CNS 400 K:

  Unit CNS 700 SM CNS 400 K
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) m 7,95 x 2,5 x 2,7 5,3 x 2,5 x 2,7
Capacity t/Std. 12 - 20 6 - 10
Cutting force kN 7.000 4.000
Cutting width mm 1.500 1.600
Cutting length mm bis 500 ~ 420
Blade hub mm 1.000 800
Cycle length Sek. 11 - 22 20 - 33
Diesel consumption l/t 1,4 - 1,8 1,3 - 1,5
Tank content (Diesel) l 450 160
Motor power kW 168 86/75
Total weight t 44 25

Further information can be found in our Brochures.